The Rapid City Rifle Club has been operating for twenty years and are affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program, National Rifle Association, SD Shooting Sport Association, US Shooting Sport Association and are a state non-profit corporation. We value our 2nd Amendment right to ‘keep and bear arms’ and are passionate about passing this on to the next generation of shooters. We feel that it is extremely important to preserve these values since they will follow in our footsteps and we want to keep shooting alive for future generations.

Our main public activities have been hosting local Gun Shows, facilitating a robust Youth Shooting program, and offering Adult Shooting opportunities.

The Rapid City Rifle Club and Junior Division is the non-profit 501c incorporation. The Rapid City Firearms (RCFA) is the part of our organization that runs the guns shows and then contributes all proceeds to the RC Rifle Club Inc. in order to support the shooting programs and build towards the goal of constructing our own marksmanship academy. If you are interested in making a cash donation or gift a firearm to the Rapid City Rifle Club, we are classified as a 501c and can produce a tax receipt.