The September Show will be the 21st - 22nd. December Show will be the 7th - 8th.

Rapid City Rifle Club Sponsored Gun Shows

Our Gun Shows are held to help fund club programs and activities such as the Junior Pellet and Junior .22 programs.  They also help us sponsor sending youth shooters to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado.  Each year the club puts on two Gun Shows, and provides security for a third.  We typically have between 120 to 150 vendors at each show.  The Gun Shows are held at the Rushmore Civic Center and we have been sponsoring them for the past 12 years.

The purpose of the club sponsorship is to promote a positive image of gun ownership and relevance of proper training to the use of firearms. We bring vendors and the public together in a show setting that allows for a connection to be formed to exchange products and knowledge in the hobby and interest that many people have.

The Gun Shows provide and opportunity for the local community to buy or sell firearms and/or firearm accessories. Accessories include things like ammo, gun accessories, war memorabilia, reloading equipment, hunting apparel, and more.  In addition, the Gun Shows provide members of the local community with the opportunity to meet and make connections with suppliers and others with similar interests.  We invite everyone to take part in the gun shows.  It is a great opportunity to see the variety of people who participate, it’s a great opportunity for family’s to spend time together and learn, connect with Veterans, and share stories with other hunters. The Gun Shows also offer an opportunity to learn more about self-defense.

Whether you are looking for a bargain, an opportunity to sell, or just a fun way to spend the afternoon be sure to stop by our next Gun Show.